Hi! I’m Crystal Marie and I love stories; whether I’m reading a good book, writing an article, or listening to a super rad podcast –stories are my jam. 

Professionally, I work with major brands to help them tell their stories. 

Personally, I write (true) stories and musings on everyone’s favorite uncomfortable topics: faith, politics, race, relationships, and current events. 

After living in Washington, DC and Los Angeles, California, I moved to Charlotte, North Carolina with my husband and son, however my roots are in a little neighborhood called Little Africa in South Carolina. I was educated at Howard University and followed up with a master’s in communication management at the University of Southern California. I Love NPR, the Clippers, and Thai food!

I can be reached at hello@CrystalMarie.com. Or, if you prefer, let's get social: Twitter / Instagram .

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You hope that the presenter(s) will opt for a live remake of Hamilton but alas, no such luck; you're getting a Power Point. You don’t deserve this and your colleagues don’t either.

So how do we make Power Points and thus the entire world a better place? When it’s your turn to develop the slides, keep these five best practices top of mind. 


My Unspoken second job in advertising

As I scrolled through the presentation, giving it a once-over before I shared it with our client, I let out a small “aww” at the stock images of a dozen or so adorable children – some smiling, some laughing, some contorting their faces into funny expressions. Doting moms and stoic but proud dads were in other images as well, and as I got to the last page of about twenty, my “aww” turned into a sigh.

4 Ways to Turn Your Resume into an engaging story!

here’s a reason why bedtime stories are a thing but no one says “Read me a list of bullets.” Plus, anyone who’s had to review countless resumes will agree that the resumes that make it to the top of the heap are most likely the ones that highlight not only an ability to do the job well, but an ability to communicate their successes and what they uniquely bring to the table.

Here are four tips to help ensure your resume tells your best story: