How to “Be Social”

There are a lot of decisions to make when it comes to entering the world of social media and possibly the most perplexing question for business owners, CMOs and marketing departments is…


Fair question! The answer certainly varies by industry, business size, and even by social network. (For example, Facebook is a great place to poll your fans on whether they prefer your strawberry cheesecake to your brownie sundae; Instagram is the perfect place to post a photo of both!) Nevertheless, there are some general best practices that can be applied across all social networks:


Be Personal: 93% of an average Facebook user’s friends are people they know. People want to talk to people, not to brands. 61% of social users use it to “share interesting things with their family and friends.”

Be Courteous: 65% of small business owners said social helped them stay engaged with customers. Say thank you often. Talk to customers directly. Commit “random acts of shoutouts. When customers complain via social, win them back – publicly (if possible).

Be Relevant. Don’t just talk about yourself; discuss trends related to your product/service. What are your customers talking about? Join the conversation, where appropriate and where you have brand equity. Pay attention to current events and holidays. This doesn’t mean comment on every holiday or world event; but it does mean be sensitive to current events and consider the timing of them when you post.

These three tips are just a start, but it’s enough to get you pointed in the right direction.