Four Awkward Things That Could Happen on Cash Cab

Last night, I made about $950 while sitting on my couch. How did I do this you ask?  By watching Cash Cab! Sadly, I was unable to collect any of the funds as I was not an actual contestant; I was merely a viewer who overturned a bowl of Honey Nut Cheerios when I leaped up to shout "Fiddler Crab!! A fiddler crab is the crustacean named after a musician that you may find on the beaches of West  Africa!"

For those of you who haven't seen it, Cash Cab is a game show where unsuspecting New Yorkers hail a cab and learn that they've landed in a cab where they earn money during the ride for answering trivia questions correctly. Awesome, right? If they get three answers wrong however, they get kicked out of the cab with no money. It never gets easier to watch that. *Moment of Silence for the lady who couldn't recall the Canadian pop singer discovered on YouTube... Justin Bieber*

Anyway, I was thinking... wouldn't it be pretty interesting if something crazy happened on an episode of Cash Cab? The unimaginative voice in your head may say, "Whaaaaaaaat? What crazy thing could happen when a game show picks up random people and asks them questions leading to a large wad of cash in their pocket?" LOTS OF THINGS. 

Here are a few I've cooked up.

1. What if you got robbed?!? This could happen in two ways. 

A. you answer one too many questions wrong and the host lets you off in an unsavory neighborhood you stumbled across en route to see Fela, the musical. Rather than paying attention to your surroundings, you and your friends whip out your bedazzled smartphones to tweet "Dude I was just on Cash Cab!" The bedazzlements catch the eye of an enterprising individual and there goes your smartphone, loose change, and Platinum Debit Card from Bank of America.

Or B., you DO win and as you whip out your smartphone so that you can tweet a photo of the $400 you just won, an enterprising individual grabs the wad of cash and dashes into the subway before you can do anything. 

2.  What if the taxi driver gets into an accident? He whips his neck around to see if you're able to name five Motown acts (The Supremes, The Four Tops, Stevie Wonder, Gladys Knight and the Pips, The Temptations)... and an oblivious New York tourist (probably visiting from LA), wanders into traffic and in that split second, you hit her. The way the show is set up, the longer you spend in the car, the more money you can win. So... would they allow the show to continue as you wait for the police report, the ambulance, and give an account of what happened? 'Cause while it sucks that that pedestrian needs stitches and crutches, it's kinda awesome that you could possibly win a ridiculous amount of money. 

3. What if the Cash Cab driver picks up a man taking his mistress to a warehouse party (much like the one I saw on Girls) and HIS WIFE SEES THE EPISODE?? So technically, this wouldn't happen DURING the show, but still... it'd be interesting to find out in a "Where Are They Now" feature. Plus, wouldn't it suck if you had to watch his mistress struggle to name the popular sneaker memorialized by a Run DMC song? (Duh Adidas, you Olivia Pope wannabe! Gah, at least cheat with a smart chick!)

4. What if a drunken group makes it into Cash Cab and a member of the group hurls? Do they still get to play? Does the host kick them out of the cab? If the hurler does so after they won the money, does the host take the money back and put it towards cleaning the cab? How does this work? 

Anyway, I know I'm not the only one that has got caught up in a Cash Cab Marathon on the Discovery Channel. Can you think of something awesome/awkward/weird/surprising/hilarious that might happen?