Country First: A Myth of Epic Proportions

So last night (Editor's Note: May 1st, 2011) as we all know, Obama announced that "by his direction", the Navy Seals captured and killed Osama Bin Laden. I watched the news unfold via Twitter and CNN. From my home, a few miles from the White House, I watched coverage of the world's reaction. Most of the comments made were jocular and celebratory, but they all seemed to give credit to our President and his administration. (Remember when Bush did the whole Mission Accomplished joint?) And that's how things go... when bad things happen in the country, we blame the President. When good things happen... we blame the President. 

Except, not really. Almost immediately after CNN's John King announced that Osama Bin Laden was dead, a conservative friend of mine tweeted (and facebooked), "I wish George W. Bush was delivering this speech tonight." 

Sigh... if we're really country first, does it really matter which president delivered it?? But since it does matter, why won't you give credit where it's due?!?!? This conservative friend then went on to thank our U.S. troops, quote Bush, and drive to the White House in celebration (which is in direct conflict with Proverbs 24:17: Don't rejoice when your enemies fall; don't be happy when they stumble). She continued to profess her elation about Bin Laden's death and still.... no mention of our President, the Commander in Chief. Really?!?!' She and her fellow celebrators probably woke up Sasha and Malia with their shouts and flag waving (where did those flags come from?!!?), but not a single mention of Obama. It seems that no matter what he does, Obama can do no right, and for some people, the right can do no wrong. 


Ironically, just before Obama released the Breaking News, I got into a debate with a different conservative, who alleged that "Obama was 'too harsh' on Trump considering he's a sitting president." I guess he missed Trump's profanity-laced speech in Vegas where he dropped several f bombs and called Obama "a nobody in Washington." 


This same conservative made what I believe to be one of the most ridiculous statements of the year: "Obama faces little real scrutiny. Only far right GOP questions him." Give me a break! Are you serious! This dude gets criticized by:

1. the left for being too moderate, (see here!)

2. the moderate for being too left or too right (see here!

3. the right for being too.. Black left. (see here!) (see here!) (see here!) (see here!) Alright, alright, we don't have all day.. lol.


Even I, tree hugging liberal, criticize Obama regularly. (I still think he could have found a way to get out of extending the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy.) But when he does something right (and if you need an example, please visit, I give the man his props. Even when Bush was president, while I was highly critical of him, I stood behind him post 9/11 and did my best to put partisan concerns aside when appropriate. 

Unfortunately.... the "Country First" team doesn't get that. I struggle to get with Republicans and this "Country First" theme of theirs when conservatives spend considerable amounts of time questioning his faith, his intelligence, his experience, and lest we forget.... HIS CITIZENSHIP.

You don't get to say Country First when:
1. you only support the President and the office when the President's from your camp (See outspoken folks from your team -including the Louisiana governor, Bobby Jindal- saying "I want the President to fail.")
2. you yell out in Congress when the President is addressing the country (and Congress).
3. you make people fight for unemployment benefits in the midst of a recession affecting millions and their families.
4. you force the extension of tax cuts for the wealthiest in the country at a time when our deficit is ballooning and we still lull in a recession.
5. You claim to support the troops but REPEATEDLY vote against bills that provide for veterans' medical care and education.
6. you engage in what my friend calls "unreasonableness, double mindedness, hypocrisy and folly."

Own Your Nonsense
My friend over at Hot Biscuits And Gravy says, "I'm an a-hole, but I own it." In that vein, you know what I love about MSNBC? They have a liberal slant and they own it. Their new slogan is "Lean Forward" as a nod to their progressive and leftist way of thinking. Meanwhile, Fox News (the Republican Party's hype man) continues to put forth the most unbelievable slogan ever: Fair and Balanced. Even conservatives know Fox isn't fair and balanced. Give it up.

Just be real with yourself conservatives. That's all I ask. You don't put country first. Republican party: create a slogan you can honestly say you mean and "own". This Country First nonsense makes about as much sense as Trump running for political office.

Your Turn
What slogan do you think truly represents the Republican Party? Do you believe I'm too harsh on conservatives? Do you consider the right, "country first?" Prove it!

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