Marketing & Advertising

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For a little over a decade, I've worked in account management for:

  • digital marketing and advertising (e.g. Sun-Maid, Nestle, & DirecTV)
    • design and development of websites for Fortune 500 brands
    • social media campaigns
    • CRM and email campaigns
    • digital banners, coupons, and other online assets
    • in-app advertising
    • content strategy and annual planning
  • public relations (e.g. Samsung, the Special Olympics) 
  • non-profit marketing/fundraising (e.g. Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Washington, Capital Cause, The MusicianShip)

My deepest breadth of expertise is in account management and strategy development for digital spaces, particularly for CPG brands, however I also have experience in print, direct mail, and experiential marketing.

I'm most passionate about helping brands tell "feel good" stories in corporate social responsibility (CSR), philanthropy, sustainability, work/life balance, and diversity/inclusion efforts.  View me on LinkedIn



marketing/advertising articles



According to the Census Bureau, about 63% of Americans are white, which means that almost 4 out of 10 Americans are not. Yet the advertising industry consistently delivers messaging intended for all, but not representative of all. Consumers are so used to seeing images of white people in advertising, that they are often confused when something else is presented to them.


Five Key Ingredients to an Effective Advocacy Communications Plan

In 2008, Samuel Wurzelbacher became Joe the Plumber, and through his eyes, Republicans effectively used Joe the Plumber to create engaging conversations about a typically dry and uninteresting topic – small business taxes.