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For a little over a decade, I've worked in account management for:

  • digital marketing and advertising (e.g. Sun-Maid, Nestle, & DirecTV)

    • design and development of websites for Fortune 500 brands

    • social media campaigns

    • CRM and email campaigns

    • digital banners, coupons, and other online assets (e.g Nestle)

    • in-app advertising

    • content strategy and annual planning

  • public relations (e.g. Samsung, the Special Olympics, Bulleit Whiskey)

  • non-profit marketing/fundraising (e.g. Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Washington, Capital Cause, The MusicianShip)

My deepest breadth of expertise is in account management and strategy development for digital spaces, however I also have experience in print, direct mail, and experiential marketing.

I'm most passionate about helping brands tell "feel good" stories in corporate social responsibility (CSR), philanthropy, sustainability, work/life balance, and diversity/inclusion efforts. For more, visit me on LinkedIn